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About youthfest@HKAbout youthfest@HK

About youthfest@HK

To dovetail with the policy objectives on youth development and the Youth Development Blueprint, youthfest@HK is organised annually starting from 2023. Different sectors of the community are invited to jointly organise a wide spectrum of activities for engaging and helping the youth to develop their potential, enhance their knowledge, and share their experience, etc.

Ignite Youth Power

The theme of 2023 youthfest@HK is "Positive Thinking" and "Positivity". We believe that young people represent a force to be reckoned with, and have the potential to create a brighter future. Our goal is to empower the youth to pursue their passions, develop their skills, and become leaders of tomorrow. Through a variety of resources, opportunities and events, young people can connect with individuals and organisations from different sectors and make a positive impact on the community. Therefore, we adopt "Ignite Youth Power" as the slogan, and we sincerely invite young people to join and support youthfest@HK while benefiting from inspiration, support and guidance as they work towards their goals. Let's ignite the power of youth together while empowering them to chart their future!

Fun, inspiring and rewarding

The events of youthfest@HK cover knowledge and exchange, arts and culture, as well as sports-related items. Besides acquiring knowledge, enjoying yourself through leisure and cultural activities, you can also meet new friends and expand your network through these events. You are invited to join the various activities under youthfest@HK, the details of which are available on the Event Calendar. We hope young people will find the festival fun, inspiring and rewarding big time.

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